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Touchè collection

Touchè, touch, touch. Indelible imprints mark the metal, when the textures of the skin become jewels. The Touchè collection was born with the intention of leaving a mark that lasts forever.

Each Nokike jewel is handmade without the use of molds, the small signs of imperfection present are a sign of the craftsmanship of the product.

You may receive a similar but not the same jewel, which is indicative of the uniqueness of the piece.

Jewels are durable, as long as you take care of them, read how to do it here.


On request it is possible to customize with metal variants and sizes.

Short rectangular necklace with fingerprints

  • Brass and Silver


    Weight 20 g

    Necklace length closed 24 cm

    Open necklace length approx. 52.5 cm


  • Burnished brass necklace and silver chain. Handcrafted with the lost wax casting method.

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