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Dalida collection

Perfection in the imperfect, textures so irregular that they seem like geometric patterns. The molded matter creates the illusion of an almost liquid and ductile metal.


Each Nokike jewel is made by hand without the use of molds, the small signs of imperfection present are a sign of the craftsmanship of the product. You may receive a similar but not the same piece of jewelry, which is indicative of the uniqueness of the piece.

The rings undergo a protective treatment to maintain the initial characteristics and protect it from color changes and marks on the skin.

Jewelry is durable, as long as you take care of it, read howhere.


Upon request it is possible to customize with metal variations and sizes.


  • Red bronze

    Nickel free

    Measure IT 12 | FR/DE 52 | UK L1/2 | US 6

    Ring diameter 16.5 mm | 0.65in

    Finger circumference 51.8 mm | 2.03in

    Band width 6mm | 0.23in

    Weight 5.10g


  • Rounded band ring in polished red bronze with irregular holes texture.  Handcrafted using the lost wax casting technique.

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