Nokike was born in 2011 by the designer Herika Signorino, the experience in web design and in the world of graphics, translates into innovative originality, research of materials and combination of the same with the aim of creating a changing balance of shapes and content.

Each piece is designed and handmade by Herika in his shop / workshop, where contemporary brass, bronze and silver jewels are born, they come to life and shape and continue to combine with other alternative materials that make Nokike a testimony of modern, careful creative craftsmanship to the evolution of design but in contact with classic techniques that make the brand unique.


The antithesis between materials, combinations, shapes and color is a mix that gives the creations originality, comfort and elegance .

It is precisely in the direction of originality and elegance that the various collections are developed, increasingly refined and innovative.

The meeting with the goldsmiths and the ancient method of 'lost wax casting' completes the circle made of experimentation and research. This process allows the creator to leave his mark on each piece, and embraces the natural imperfections of the final creation, sometimes giving birth to mini sculptures to be worn.


As a personal requirement, in 2015 Nokike Atelier was born in the heart of Florence, a workshop and made in Italy design shop that opens its doors to the public, welcoming it in a well-kept space and where it has been chosen to recover its history.


by Herika Signorino


VAT. IT03909550166



Via dè Serragli 122R

50124 Florence - Italy

+39 339/5006334


Mon 3pm-7.30pm

Tue-Sat 10am-1pm | 3pm-7.30pm


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